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The 13th hour

My love, catch you at the 13th hour

That special place that we call ours

Time stretches, waxes, and wanes

I guarantee a heart without you just ain't the same

Lie back, put your head on my chest

I can't promise the world, but your troubles will be laid to rest

We'll laugh, we'll cry, cross my heart and hope to die

You're sweeter than those snickers you tend to buy

Listen to the harmony of our synchronicity

Grabbed my dictionary and scribbled out the word monotony

For I lay before you my vulnerability

You know what makes me tick, I'm blessed with your reciprocity

This is starting to sound like a charming love song

You taught me what it means to believe and to belong

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 08, 2022

I love it! Thank you for sharing 😍

Meadow |

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