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The Open Road

Watch the road unfold in front of my eyes

Kilograms of thoughts weigh on my mind

The outline of destiny's design comes to mind

Tweak the valve and release the pressure

Slightest misfortunes, invoke a might temper

Look up at the sky, nice day, turned rough

Listen out for the pitter patter of rain

All these versions of the blues feel the same

I audit my life, I watch over it like a pond with a crane

The open road shows hope

Progress, a way forwards, even if it's alone

The tapestry of life is rich in detail

I'll come to understand it before my soul sets sail

Diversions sometimes make for a better route in the end

We age, but maturing we often pretend

Take a deep breath it's not all serious you know

It wouldn't hurt to laugh with people, share a smile or even some sorrow

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