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My Story

Mmhmm here's the bit where he waffles about himself

Regular student at the school of life, Dan Udale shares a journey of love, loss, and a figuring out who the hell he is through a passion for writing. He doesn't have it all together but that's the fun bit isn't it?

I have always had a bit of a wobbly journey with writing. I kinda love it, but I'm also kinda terrified of failing and perfectionism taking over it too. What I have found though is that writing takes me to a place where I can really be myself, warts and all (even if I do re-write sentences three times). I've always been in my own head, imagining worlds, overthinking my life, and you could say a person that is  troubled but thoughtful too. What I really enjoy is bringing some struggles to life through writing and sharing what I've learnt through that process. All in aid of sparing someone else hardships, or even just helping them feel like "Oh thank God, it's not just me". 

Sometimes I'll write blog posts, other times I'll be recommending something that has been useful for me, sometimes I'll be writing poetry or doing something like creative writing. I just like to keep you guessing and it's nice to do a mixture of things too.

I also love Food, Music, I read a lot of Graphic Novels, and I also spend a lot of time reading personal development books and listening to podcasts, so from time to time I'll make content about that. If you made it this far, wow, you're a trooper, and thank you very much for reading. 

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