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Moon Spills

The Moon spills out onto the road

Air is quiet except for the dust that blows

Crops rock gentle, they go side to side to a rhythm only they know

They stand uniform in their corn rows

The rustling leaves whisper adventurous tales from the road

Fireflies shimmer, fade, and glow

A diligent wolf carves out a new trail

Gone off course, a rogue ship that set sail

Oak trees marinate in melancholy, they wail

Whisps of clouds bumble along the sky

A bird of prey awaits the right time to fly

The passage of time is observed by the stars

The Moon watches over the land with a full heart

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I love your poetry Dan! I especially like the phrasing of 'Oak trees marinate in melancholy'. The image really caught my eye too. I've always appreciated poetry and how people can put words together like that. Not something I think I could ever do!


Wow, thank you so much, that's lovely to read. I particularly enjoyed writing this because it was a dark night next to a candle with a lovely glass of wine. I saw the image on Instagram and got inspired.

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